ABA Therapy Sessions

Our positive-reinforcement-based ABA therapy sessions are individualized two-hour periods that take place between one behavior technician and one lucky learner. Goals that are unique to that child are targeted through a combination of play and structured activities. Goals are selected based on the child’s age-appropriate milestones across the domains of communication, speech, socialization, autonomy, feeding, toilet training, play and academics.

Of course, any challenging behaviors the child exhibits throughout their ABA therapy sessions that inhibit their learning, such as tantrums, opposition, inattention, hyperactivity, violence and aggression are equally managed during that time. All of our team members are very experienced and trained in promoting skill acquisition as well as in behavior management.

We require a weekly minimum of 4 hours of ABA therapy to all families interested in this option. ABA therapy sessions are available seven days per week. However, weekend sessions are only available to families who attend at least one ABA therapy session on a weekday. Our sessions begin at 8:30, 10:30, 1:00 and 3:00. Our ABA therapy sessions are offered in French and in English, depending on the family’s preference.

Contact us for more information at (450) 963-7173